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About Our Family Therapy & Alcohol Abuse Counseling in San Bernardino, CA

Precious Life CES (Precious Life Children and Educational Services) in San Bernardino, California, is a subsidiary of S. L. Hobson Enterprises. Focusing on trauma therapy, social sciences, and other human services, we are pleased to say that our Children-Family Services and Family Court Mediation Departments are in excellent standing. Our relationships with the local colleges and universities have created an atmosphere of continuity and consistency. Whether you’re looking for childhood trauma therapy or alcohol abuse counseling in San Bernardino, CA, contact us.

Exclusive Women's Program

Many of our clients have been mandated by the court to undergo intensive domestic violence and anger management programs. We have served them for more than 20 years. Childhood trauma, molestation, rape, and other forms of sexual abuse have dominated the lives of our female clients, which makes it almost impossible to get through to them in a setting where men also receive treatment. Through our intervention, we have helped prevent them from becoming perpetrators of domestic violence, despite their long history of being abused by men. This special program is being run by a renowned team of female therapists and facilitators who have proven skill in their area of specialization. For inquiries, please contact:

Steven L Hobson, MSW, PhD

National Association of Forensic Counselors™
#21220 Board Diplomate

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